About Stationmar

Stationmar AS is an R&D based company. Its founders have each more than 40 years of experience in the offshore Oil & Gas industry. The inventor has invented drilling equipment and tools for many companies and patented more than 30 inventions. The company´s foremost invention is the technology for Heave Movement Neutralization (HMN).

A revolutionary system that hinder semi-submersible vessels being impacted by the ocean waves. It means the system will neutralize the movements on the vessel that are normally caused by ocean waves. This is done without introducing any energy in the forms of electrical, hydraulic, mechanical or other types.

The ocean waves have been a major challenge ever since the first offshore oil & gas exploration began around the world. Large semi-submersible structures operating at sea where waves create big vertical movements that are referred to as "heave movements". These heave movements places great demands on equipment, personnel, boats, anchoring, safety, wave damping installations to name a few. This is very time-consuming, costly and creates many challenges for engineers and companies when the rigs are operated, maintained and anchored. Many operations can only be carried out during the summer months because there is too much movement in the rig during the winter months.

Now we are also seeing floating wind turbines being placed offshore. These structures are subject to the same waves and vertical heave movements as the oil rigs.

With Stationmar's patent-pending invention, the vertical heave movements for any type of semi-submersible floating platform and floating wind mill are neutralized, and therefore solve the problems we have described above. The Stationmar Heave Movement Neutralization technology makes the entire semi-sub lie completely still in the water. Due to the fact that the semi-sub does not have any vertical movements it may be taut (completely rigid) anchored in all directions. This is a great advantage for all type of operations at sea.


The benefits of Stationmar's Heave Movement Neutralization technology on floating oil & gas rigs can be summarized as follows:

  • Close to zero downtime for the oil rig. This is an enormous benefit for the rig operators, oil companies, and ultimately, society – as billions are wasted every year due to production halts and delayed exploration opportunities.
  • All rigs can operate throughout the year in all weather-exposed areas in the North Sea, West of Shetland, the Barents Sea, Canada and Brazil.
  • Helicopters can land in all kinds of weather as the rig is completely at rest regardless of weather.
  • The installation requires no electrical, hydraulic or mechanical systems - only installation of steel canisters in the columns.


The benefits of Stationmar's Heave Movement Neutralization technology on floating wind turbines can be summarized as follows:

Floating wind turbines may be anchored with taut synthetic fiber ropes. The wind turbines then have the advantage of being accessible for servicing while at sea instead of being towed to shore for service as other floating wind turbines.

Floating wind turbines may be assembled and or disassembled at sea since the foundation for the floater is not moving.

There will be less ware on the wind turbine and gear system since the wind turbine foundation is more or less motionless.

The Board


Erik Risdal

Erik has over 40 years of experience from international business. He has held many positions in ABB over a period of approx. 20 years, the last position was Vice President of Business Development.

For the past 20 years, Erik has run his own business, and in this capacity he has started up and operated several companies in Asia and Norway. Erik was involved in developing lifeboat production in China from 1999 to 2003, and he has traveled to and from Asia for 30 years and lived in Singapore for 7 years. Thus, Erik is well acquainted with how business life works in that part of the world, and he has a large contact base in and around China.

Board member

Jørn Salvesen

Jørn Salvesen

Jørn has 8 years of experience in the construction industry. He ran his own accounting agency for 15 years, where he and his five employees had clients within most industries. 

For the past 25 years, Jørn has been active in the real estate business. This has included everything from development, to the purchase, sale and rental of properties. The ownership interests are related to own properties and larger shares in real estate projects in both Norway and the USA. He has an extensive knowledge of several industries and very good experience in property management in the USA as well.

Board member

Per Andreas Vatne

Per Andreas is the inventor of the StationMar technology. Per Vatne is well known in the oil and drilling environment in Norway, as well as internationally when drilling technology is being developed. Per started in 1978 as a service engineer in Maritime Hydraulics (MH), a company that was then owned / controlled by Bjarne Skeie.

As a young engineer, it quickly became apparent that Per had a unique design understanding. In the 12-15 years he worked for Maritime Hydraulics (today MH Wirth), Per developed and patented many equipment components for the drilling section in MH. Per is registered with more than 30 international patents, with a combined commercialization value exceeding NOK 5 billion.

About the company

Stationmar AS, corporate no. 921 679 416, is a Norwegian limited liability company with its head office in Evje and Hornnes municipality. The company was founded on October 8, 2018. The company is subject to Norwegian law.

Two key employees: Chairman Erik Risdal and inventor Per A. Vatne, with several patents in his name.