With its patent-pending Heave Movement Neutralization (HMN) technology, Stationmar solves one of the biggest problems for a more efficient utilization of oil rigs' production capacity: large and uncontrolled vertical wave movements (heave).

The HMN technology will also have a tremendous impact on floating wind turbines which is carbon neutral energy production, by enabling far larger installations of floating wind turbines to be installed, minimizing downtime due to wave loads. As well as enabling full service on-board the floating wind turbine at sea instead of towing it to land for service.

The basic construction and wave protection for semi-submersible floating platforms has hardly changed in 50 years. Traditional methods of wave motion compensation are very time- and cost-consuming. Creating many challenges for engineers and companies when operating, maintaining and anchoring the rig. Huge anchor chains and expensive special equipment for compensation of heave are used. Many operations can only be carried out during the summer months because there is too much movement in the rig during the winter months.

The result is increased costs, increased downtime in production and less earnings. In the oil industry, operating margins are becoming increasingly important as oil prices in periods can be extremely unpredictable. A more predictable and better capacity utilization makes it easier to plan production and thereby increase profitability, for both rigs and offshore wind farms. The offshore and energy industries therefore have huge potential benefits in new technology that can solve such fundamental challenges as vertical wave movements. The downtime alone costs billions of dollars each year.

Main Benefits:

• Uptime will be close to 100%. Not affected by the weather.

  • Today's wind turbines can only be serviced at port. On a Stationmar unit, all service can be done offshore, as the unit is completely at rest.
  • Today's semi-submersible oil rigs can only be used 4 to 5 months a year in some weather-exposed regions. A Stationmar rig can be used all year round, regardless of weather.

• Anchoring systems become much easier and less expensive both in procurement and operation.

  • Zero heave motion enables rigid anchoring with synthetic fiber ropes so that the unit remains at rest.
  • No need for chains or anchor handling vessels

• Stationmar AS will make floating wind turbines and drilling rigs more economically attractive for all parties.

The inventor Per A. Vatne has more than 40 years of experience from the offshore industry and has invented and constructed many concepts, components and tools for the industry. Per has also shown great ability in implementing projects world-wide.